50 Gems of Wiltshire

Wiltshire is one of the largest counties in southern England. Much of the county is comprised of high chalk downland, most famously on Salisbury Plain, and wide valleys and vales, often with rivers running through them, but in the northwest Wiltshire runs into the Cotswolds and southeast Wiltshire lies on the edge of the New Forest. Wiltshire is unsurpassed in its ancient sites, from the Neolithic monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury to numerous barrows and burial chambers throughout the county. Later ages have also added to Wiltshire’s gems, from the distinctive white horses cut into the chalk on hillsides, to Salisbury cathedral, Longleat and the gardens at Stourhead. In 50 Gems of Wiltshire, author Andrew Powell-Thomas explores the many places and their history that make this part of the South West of England so special. The 50 Gems include ancient sites of the earliest settlers in the area, castles, historic towns and villages, stunning country houses and estates, natural beauty spots and many other treasures. Alongside the justly famous locations, there are many lesser known gems that are equally deserving of attention.

Due for release: 15th October 2022