Alfie’s Adventures in Ancient Rome

Join Alfie on an adventure of a lifetime as he is transported back to the streets of ancient Rome! Helped by local boy Diocles, can Alfie escape from the Roman army and return home?

The start of a new school term is anything but ordinary as Alfie somehow finds himself on the cobbled streets of ancient Rome. With local boy Diocles offering to help him, they are soon accused of stealing, leaving them with two choices… surrender to the Roman army or run! After sneaking through glorious villas and sprinting through crowds, they are eventually captured by the soldiers and taken to the Colosseum. Faced against a mighty gladiator, have they met their match or can they escape?

With beautiful illustrations and an informative factual section (that contains some startling revelations about the book!), any young reader will soon be researching the Roman empire for themselves.

Reading for pleasure at its best, this is a page turning adventure story that with inspire and engage young readers.