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You can order my books from any bookshop or online retailer. However, if you’d like a signed and dedicated book direct from me, then please click on the links below! Prices shown are R.R.P. plus £2.00 P&P. Delivery outside UK is at cost. If you would like to order a combination of books then please use the contact section to get in touch.


School Library Collection – 10% OFF and FREE P&P

A signed copy of all 4 children’s books – perfect for stocking up the school library! * Please contact if you would like to order more, including additional discount!


Alfie’s Adventures in Ancient Rome

Join Alfie on an adventure of a lifetime as he is transported back to the streets of ancient Rome! Helped by local boy Diocles, can Alfie escape from the Roman army and return home? Age group: 7-9


A World of Colour

A collection of colour poems is sure to grab the attention and inspire any young reader to explore their own world of colour. Using rhyme, metaphor, similes, personification, onomatopoeia and alliteration, they look at the role that colour plays in our lives and are an excellent resource for teaching poetry. Age group: 5-10


Both books from the ‘James’ series – FREE P&P

Both books from the ‘James’ series. ‘James and the Dragon’ and ‘James and the Ogre’. Prefect for children aged 4-7.


James and the Dragon

James is a boy who lives with his fellow townspeople in a happy and friendly place. But it didn’t last long for up in the sky, a dragon appeared with a glint in his eye. Who will save the day? Age group: 4-7


James and the Ogre

A happy and friendly town have their peaceful way of life threatened by a troublesome Ogre, who sets his sights on the beautiful Princess becoming his slave. With all hope seemingly lost, it all comes down to a boy named James…but will his plan work and save the day? Age group: 4-7