Somerset's Military Heritage

The serene and tranquil countryside of Somerset is an unlikely setting for a rich military history that stretches back thousands of years. Somerset has it all, from Iron Age hill forts to castles constructed in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest of England in the eleventh century; from the site of the last battle fought on English soil between the royal army of James II and the rebel army of James Scott to noteworthy figures like Robert Blake; and from the memorials and memories of the First World War to the vast range of buildings and structures constructed during the Second World War. This book looks at the role and locations of the many features, buildings and structures that still stand proud today.

The spectacular Dunster Castle was built in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest of 1066.
A camouflaged Second World War pillbox at Bossington.
The last battle fought on English soil, the Battle of Sedgemoor, took place here in Westonzoyland.
A Second World War ‘Starfish’ decoy site on Black Down Hill.
One of many remaining structures at the stunning Brean Down.
The derelict control tower of RAF Charmy Down.
The control tower at RNAS Yeovilton.
In 1645, a Parliamentarian army opened fire on a Royalist army garrisoned at Nunney Castle, forcing them to surrender.